Average Fleet Age 7 Years

Traveling through Europe from North to South, East to West, TRANSPORTES CENTRAL POMBALENSE gained, with the passing of the years, an experience that, today, they put at the entire service and disposal of their customers.

TRANSPORTES CENTRAL POMBALENSE is present daily in the following European countries:

Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom.

20Closed 2-Axle Trucks With Platform
37Closed 3-Axle Trucks With Platform
252Semi Trailers Closed
24Refrigerated Semi Trailers
56Tanker Semi Trailers

Distribution vehicles


Capacity: 56 m3
Authorized weight: 10 Ton.
Internal dimensions..: 8.00 x 2.50 x 2.60 meters
(20 Euro-pallets)


Capacity: 40 m3
Authorized weight: 6.5 Ton.
Internal dimensions..: 6.00 x 2.45 x 2.65 meters
(15 Euro-pallets)


Capacity: 65 m3
Authorized weight: 15 tons
Internal dimensions..: 9.00 x 2.45 x 2.65 meters
(23 Euro-pallets)

Powder’ Silo Trucks

Powder’ Cistern

(Cement, Chalk, Mortars, Sulphates, etc.)
Capacity: 33 m3
Authorized Weight: 27 Tones.
Pneumatic discharge

With Bascule

(Chalk, Cement, Mortars, Sulphates, Carbonates, etc.)
Capacity: 42 m3
Authorized Weight: 27 Tones.
Pneumatic and gravity discharge

With Bascule

(PVC, Amides, Resins, Flours, etc.)
Capacity: 60 m3
Authorized Weight: 25 Tones.
Pneumatic and gravity discharge

General GOODS


Capacity: 87 m3
Authorized Weight: 23 Tones.
Internal dimensions..: 13.60 x 2.50 x 2.60 meters
(33 Euro-pallets)

Taut Liner

Capacity: 90 m3
Authorized Weight: 25 Tones.
Internal dimensions..: 13.60 x 2.50 x 2.60 meters
(33 Euro-pallets)

Transportes Central Pombalense offers its customers a wide range of equipment, as follows:

– Distribution and logistics vehicles equipped with platform lifts
– Closed semi-trailer
– Semi-Tanker Trailers
– Spray Tanker Semi-Trailer
– Container carriers 20″; 40″ feet
– Refrigerated semi-trailers

All equipped with tractors with an average fleet age of 4 years.

In addition to its transportation services, Transportes Central Pombalense can provide around 22,500 m² of warehousing in 3 strategic locations: Lisbon, Meirinhas and Porto, making it the ideal partner for companies in full expansion.


TRANSPORTES CENTRAL POMBALENSE fleet is equipped with radios and cellular phones, allowing the traffic department to be in direct and permanent contact with the drivers, for instructions and information up dating.

The communications’ system is so important, that TRANSPORTES CENTRAL POMBALENSE still dedicate a great part of their investment to the development and improvement of communications, looking for new solutions and trying to maintain themselves at the head of new technologies.


With a parking area of approximately 35000m2, TRANSPORTES CENTRAL POMBALENSE is expanding its parking lot to ensure capacity for all vehicles. This guarantees greater security for your customers’ goods in transit.

Equipment & Maintenance


Both the vehicles and the drivers are equipped with adequate means of security, in a way they can accomplish the legal dispositions as far as Safety and Quality are concerned.

TRANSPORTES CENTRAL POMBALENSE have defined a policy of Preventive Maintenance of their vehicles, which is based in the recommendations of the concessionaire, going through:

  • Lubrication;
  • Oil changes;
  • Washings;
  • Replacement of spare-parts (small repairs);
  • Evaluations.

The cleaning of the equipment is a constant concern of the company.

Vehicles’ curative Maintenance is done in the repair-shops of the concessionaire.

Always trying to improve the quality of the service rendered to the customer, TRANSPORTES CENTRAL POMBALENSE bet on the new technologies by making available ‘Top Line’ vehicles during the performance of their services.